Friday, 30 April 2010

Collision: Doritos King of Ads 2010

As usual I've been neglecting the blog, but today seemed a sweet day to add a new entry seen as I've just merrily submitted y entry to this years Dorito King of Ads competiton. This competition allowed me to do something new and original compared to my day job, but also use my Canon 5D MK II in another unique situation. Again I still have my reservations about the usability of the Canon 5D MK III in video mode, but the results speak for themselves. Anyways here's the video, hope you enjoy and I'm sure you'll be seeing it on TV at some point in the near future... Click through to Youtube for the full 1080p version. Keep posted for an update with an insight into the making of certain aspects of this video. Enjoy.


Monday, 25 January 2010

Canon 5D MK II video test

Ok, so I've spent the last few month's getting to grips using the Canon 5D MK II primarily as a camera and never really invested much time into looking into the video to huge regret.

When in Les Arcs 2000 last week on a snowboarding holiday I finally got round to having a look in to the video modes and I was hugely impressed with the outcomes of what the camera can produce.

I have to admit it was difficult to hold the camera in a practical way that allows me to film in a comfortable and user-friendly way because obviously the main functionality of the camera is to take photos instead of film, but after getting to grips of filming in a new way the results outweigh these teething problems.

I never invested too much time on the holiday filming overcomplicated shots to level which we do at work using the Sony 450's, but I hope the visual results speak for itself. Click through to Youtube for the full 1080p version.

I think when I get to grips on holding the camera in a better and more resourceful way this camera will allow me to get some amazing footage and will open up some really good opportunities to be creative with the lenses I have.

I've already invested a tiny amount of time into researching shoulder mounts for the camera, so I can really push the usability and functionality of my camera to the max in the future.

The main problem I think I'll face in the future is the trade off between photo or video.



So I've had this blog for a while and not actually done a thing with it (which I apologise for), but now I'm hoping to start 'blogging' like the rest of the world.

There isn't really a major point to the purpose to this blog other than random updates on things I do inside and outside of work. This will orientate mostly around multimedia in some shape and form, but we'll see how things pan out...

Anyways, welcome to the show and hope I entertain and inform you in some way.